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Confession Phone Sex – Tell Me Your Secrets! — August 15, 2016

Confession Phone Sex – Tell Me Your Secrets!

Confession Phone Sex Makes Me Wet!

I love being privvy to all your dirty little secrets! Not only will I keep them for you – I’ll get wet to them too! If it’s something REALLY taboo, I might even cum HARD to it during a hot confession phone sex session!

If you’ve never experienced confession phone sex before, you should definitely call me and try it out! It feels soooo good to confess all those dirty little thoughts that make your cock hard; make you jerk off in the shower; make you cum harder alone than you do with your wife; distract you at work; make you go to your car at lunchtime and jerk off because you don’t have the privacy to cum that hard at home; etc.

I want to hear it all! Whatever it is, I will listen with no judgement, and in all likelihood, I’ll be squirming in my panties the entire time! Call me and tell me about how you watched your hot young daughter in the shower – jerking your cock to the sight of her newly developing body! Or how about your son? Maybe you dream of your hot young SON and letting him bend you over and pound your man pussy until he shoots his cum inside you!

Maybe you wanna fuck the MILF next door but are trying to stop yourself from cheating on your wife. Call me up! You can confess to ME just how much you want to pound that dirty slut that’s always flirting with you and shoving her huge tits in your face! Talk about how good it would feel to blow your load deep inside a pussy other than your wife’s – I won’t tell a soul!

Do you fantasize about being feminized? Hard cock bulging out of those silky panties that rub against it and keep it constantly hard? Do you wear sexy panties to work underneath your swank business suit? Maybe you cross-dress when your wife is out of town, picking up men and transgenders to bring to your house and fuck in the bed you share with her?

Whatever dirty, shameful thing you’ve done – let it out.
You’ll feel MUCH better, and so will I!

Call me for some confession phone sex and let your freak flag fly! 

confession phone sex with hottie girl next door Jenna

The Keeper of Your Dirty Secrets, 

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A Quick Titty Fuck in the Locker Room — July 27, 2016

A Quick Titty Fuck in the Locker Room

My Public Titty Fuck Will Blow Your Load

I love giving a red hot titty fuck – especially in inappropriate public places!

I loved being a cheerleader in high school too; and all the slutty privileges that went along with it. Including access to the hottest guys in school (the football jocks) with their pants down! Since I fucked the football coach on a regular basis, I pretty much had carte blanche as far as my comings and goings from the locker room. Since I loved playing with older men, I didn’t abuse the access I had to hot, young, sweaty beefcake. But that’s not to say I didn’t have a little fun every ONCE in a while! 😉

Lance was our QB1. And he was the ONLY high school age guy that I was obsessed with/had a crush on. I was too mature for most boys, and truthfully too mature for him. But MY GOD he was a hot specimen – I just couldn’t help myself sometimes! So tall, muscular… dark hair and green eyes. And even though he was QB1 and had pussy thrown at him left and right, he really didn’t seem too cocky or affected by his high school status, which turned me on even more!

One night after a particularly long practice on the field, Lance was the only one left in the locker room. I, of course, was somewhat impatiently waiting for all the players to leave so I could go into Coach’s office for a little fun time before he went home to his wife. Sadly, time was dwindling, so I figured my chances were slim of getting some married man dick that night. I creeped into the locker room to see who the hell was taking such a long shower; tiptoeing in my quiet white cheerleading sneakers, to the corner, then around.

And there he was. Lance. Totally naked, shower running directly onto his face and over his hair as he was rinsing off. Almost done, but not in enough time to salvage my plans with Coach! I smiled and reasoned to myself that, since Lance was the cock blocker that ruined my before-home sex session with Coach… maybe HE should make it up to me! I was still in my cheerleading outfit, my big, full tits almost falling out out of the top of it. I caught him staring at my tits ALL the time. During practice. At games. During classes. At lunch. In study hall. It was fair to say he was pretty obsessed with at least PART of me!

Armed with that knowlege I casually walked up to the shower and leaned back against the wall, smiling and enjoying the show I was getting. He freaked out at first when he saw me there, yelling and grabbing at his towel; which of course, was no longer there. I had it in my hand. Just being helpful you know!😉

I walked over to the nearest bench and sat down, his towel stretched across my lap as I leaned over to show him even more cleavage. His eyes locked to those perfect tits immediately, according to plan! Without a word, I pulled my jersey and bra over my head in one motion, leaving my bare tits exposed – nipples immediately from the sudden rush of cool air, and lance’s intense stare. I crooked my finger and motioned for him to come over and stand in front of me. He looked warily at Coach’s office door, but came and stood in front of me as directed. I wrapped my hand around his hard, still-wet cock and began to stroke. His eyes closed and for a moment, I think he forgot where he was. His eyes closed, and his body swayed back and forth a little as I teased and urged his cock to get harder. When he opened his eyes and looked down at me, I was squeezing my full, perfect D cups together, licking my lips. I softly asked if he’d like to put that big hard cock between them. I was almost shocked at his lack of embarrassment this time. He took that fat dick and slid it right in between them! I looked up at him with one arched eyebrow, spit on his cock, causing him to moan, and then wrapped my tits around it; working them up and down on his hard shaft. He stopped after a few minutes to pull his cock out, slap those bouncy tits with it, then tease my nipples with the head of his cock; smearing his precum all over them.

It was a quick titty fuck, but the beginning of a beautiful fuck buddy friendship! Want the 411 on our other adventures, or the details to how this locker room titty fuck ended?


Your naughty cheerleader phone slut Jenna

Naughty Cheerleader Jenna
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Cock Control: Locked Up In Chastity — July 15, 2016

Cock Control: Locked Up In Chastity

He begged for my cock control.

I love cock cock control!

I love it even MORE when my tease and denial bitches allow me TOTAL control over their cock with a chastity device! My newest pet recently ordered a custom-made cock cage, because the standard ones are too small for him. It excites me to have control over a cock that is too big for the puny standard devices! He’s not a pencil dick (aww, don’t worry my little dick toys! I still love you, too!) and that’s sexy. For a number of months, he waited patiently for his secretly ordered chastity device to arrive. Finally, he got a package in the mail!

He opened it up, put it on, and took a picture for proof! A mutual friend is holding the key, and will ONLY give the key if I call personally and authorize it’s use first. I have that cock JUST where I want it – firmly under MY control. It’s not cumming until I say so – and that will only be after my pet is teased repeatedly and denied for a good long time beforehand!

Did I mention how much I love cock control? ❤
… just checking!

He’s locked up tight now, and that cock is not getting off again for a VERY long time. Of course, if he is a very good boy, then I will let him out on occasion… while under cam supervision, of course! … and allow him to tease and play with himself, edging it to the point of nearly cumming. Then he will put it back in the cage; hard, throbbing, and aching; until the next time he is allowed to play with it again! I own that cock now. And that knowledge makes me want to fuck myself and cum RIGHT NOW!

Soon enough, he will be begging for release. But he won’t get it – not until it entertains ME to give it to him! I want to watch that cock spring to life as it’s let free; growing bigger and bigger. Those sensitive balls so swollen with cum that they are almost constantly aching. I want to hear his whimpers, moans, and pleas for release as he tugs on that unsatisfied cock for me. Watch him sulk as he puts himself back in the cage and locks it up once again. All of it makes my pussy wet. And besides, cock control is a wonderful tool for behavior modification and training! It’s hard to say no to ANYTHING I want, if I offer to unlock that cock. Tease it. Take it to the edge. Maybe even with my warm, wet, talented mouth and tongue! Then lock it up again, throbbing and unsatisfied.

Do you jerk off compulsively? Are you obsessed with cumming? Are you a 1 pump chump? Even worse, do you go soft in the middle of fucking your wife or girlfriend, because you’ve already jerked off 5 times that day? Then you definitely need some lessons in cock control! Call me and I’ll give you exactly what you need. And I’ll enjoy it. … A LOT!

Your Queen of Cock Control,


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Sometimes I think pegging is sort of like playing “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”.
(i.e., to simplify for all those who have no idea what that means, basically, all roads lead back to pegging!)

It was really warm last week. I spent a lot of time with my windows open, meaning that my blinds were pulled. One night before bed, I was changing into some sexy sleepwear. I don’t normally wear lingerie to bed, (I don’t normally wear ANYTHING to bed!) but I was expecting some possible company from one of my fuck buddies after his work shift at a local bar. He has a key, so if he let himself in later, he would find me, like a sexy sleeping beauty, all ready to be unwrapped and played with! I was caught up in my musings as I slid off the last piece of my clothing to change, until I heard a soft noise right outside my bedroom window!

At first I thought it might be a small animal. I live in a wooded area, and I’d seen some fox pups running around earlier in the evening. I shrugged it off, and since I was naked, began to move my hands over my body, turning to look at myself in the full length mirror. Again, I heard a noise! This time it sounded more like a human sound. A small moan or possibly a whimper? For a couple of weeks now, I’d noticed the neighbor’s teenage son lurking around outside after dark. I had wondered what he was doing out there. Now I thought I knew! He was waiting for me to go to my bedroom and change my clothes so he could watch! As a test of this theory, I walked to my bed, which was close to the window, and sat down; I spread my legs open wide and ran my fingers over my soft, freshly shaved pussy. I smiled in triumph as I heard another strangled, low moaning sound, and then the sound of a precum-covered cock slapping through someone’s hand, over and over again! Yep, he was out there! That little bastard! He WAS pretty hot though. And young. And obviously horny! Without warning, I looked straight at the window and said “This would be much more fun if you just came on inside, Joey.”  I could hear the bushes rattling as he fell backwards, obviously shocked that I addressed him directly. (I guess he thought he was being quiet!) I laughed and slid the screen up on my bedroom window, poking my head outside. “Don’t be shy NOW. You’re already seen me naked, and I’ve already heard you jerking off while you watch me. Come inside and let’s have some fun together!” 

I couldn’t see him, and I thought he had run away regardless of my proposal, until I heard a knock at the door. I smiled a wicked MILF next door smile, and thought goooood. VERY good! I’m gonna have some fun with this little jerk off artist! I answered the door, still completely naked, and he hesitated for a second before stepping inside. I shut the door behind him and laughed, turning around and showing off my body to him. I reached out and took his hand, putting it on one of my perfectly round, squeezable tits. He moaned, and I could see his cock jumping in his pants. “Do you want a taste, sweetheart?”Without a word he dropped to his knees, cradling my tits in his hands like he’d found buried treasure, mouth searching for my nipple like a newborn; latching onto it; then sucking hungrily. I laughed gently at his eagerness, running my fingers through his hair and telling him I was about to make him feelSO good.

I pulled his reluctant mouth off of my nipple and told him he had interrupted my changing, and I wanted to put on something sexy for him. I led him to the couch and told him to get naked and wait for me, right there. He smiled so eagerly I almost laughed, and disappeared into my bedroom to change. I put on my white stockings with the lacy tops. White garter. and a sheer white baby doll nightie. Then, I went to my toy drawer, and searched until I found what I was looking for. My white strap on harness, and the BIG BLACK DILDO to go with. When I stepped back into the living room, I could almost see him drooling as he started at the top of me with his eyes, working his way down. When he got down to my hips, a look of confusion spread across his face. There, in the middle of all that soft, feminine white lace, was a big fat black dick. I laughed, and asked him if he knew what pegging was. His face paled, and he started to get up. I quickly walked over and pushed him back down onto the couch, by the shoulder. “You’re not going anywhere, Joey. Not until I’ve had my fun with you!” He stammered and his face turned red as I explained to him that if he played my game, the way I wanted – EXACTLY the way I wanted, he would get to fuck me. But first, he had to let ME fuck HIM with my big fat dick.

I knew that, in the end, Joey would agree, and I would spend the next little while introducing his hot young virgin asshole to my strap on cock. I’m VERY talented with my strap on, so I knew that after tonight? Joey would be over EVERY night, like a good little pegging slut! Eager for me to lube up my big dick and fuck him with it until he screamed and shot cum all over the floor beneath him – again!

Call me and I’ll tell you more about my new little pegging whore Joey. OR, I’ll strap on my dick and peg YOU, instead! 😉


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Being a Dirty Little Cocksucker is FUN! — July 3, 2016

Being a Dirty Little Cocksucker is FUN!

Everyone loves a dirty little cocksucker.

It helps that I’m SPECTACULAR at sucking cock. 🙂 In school, I was always the most sexually mature girl in my class. While the other girls were busy giggling ABOUT boys, I was busy getting down on my knees in the library and brushing up on my oral skills! I don’t think I ever cracked a book in the library, but I was certainly well schooled there! I recently went back to my old school to visit my favorite teacher there.

Unfortunately she wasn’t working that day, so I couldn’t invite her out to lunch, which had been my plan. Now I had all afternoon to kill, and nothing to do! I walked through the quad and wondered, “what now?” I looked around, starting to realize all the hot young guys walking around the school! It was class change, and looking at some of these young guys, it’s hard to believe they are 16, 17, 18 years old! SO fucking hot! Hard bodies and extra hard cocks everywhere! I had to cross my legs, I was starting to get turned on! I also start to notice that THEY are starting to notice ME, as well! My mouth started to water for one of their big fat cocks; as sometimes happens when you’re an avid cocksucker!

The crowd was thinning out, and I looked down at my lap and realized how tight my legs were locked together and laughed. All worked up and nowhere to go! That’s when I noticed HIM staring at me. Bright green eyes, dark hair, and super firm and muscular body. YUM. He was looking me up and down intently, and I stared back, not even trying to hide the fact that I was checking out his package. Which was very large, and getting bigger by the moment!

He winked at me! And instead of walking over TO me, he walked away, looking back and motioning his head towards me, indicating that if I’m interested in… whatever he has in mind, I should probably follow him. I had NO idea where he was taking me, but I followed along more than willingly! He took one last look at me before he walked into the boy’s bathroom door. It had been AGES since I was down on my knees in a school bathroom. Just like old times! I was a good little cocksucker in school, too! The nostalgia continued as entered the bathroom and got straight down onto my knees…

Call me and find out what a dirty little cocksucker I am for yourself!

tub 42

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Ruined Orgasm for My Best Friend’s Hubby — June 25, 2016

Ruined Orgasm for My Best Friend’s Hubby


I had the MOST fun today – giving my best friend’s cheating husband a ruined orgasm!

I love tormenting him. It makes my pussy SO wet to cock tease him until he begs! To be allowed to cum; to fuck me; to cum inside me and try to get me pregnant. No matter what he’s begging for, it’s always hot to deny him. He denied ME, after all, of my ultimate impregnation fantasy! He got his wife pregnant before me. He can never give me a baby before her now, so I make him pay for ruining my fantasy!

He stopped by around noon, on his lunch break from work. We’ve been fucking a lot lately, so he had it in his mind that he was just going to drop in on me this afternoon, unannounced; and shove his dick inside me! Right then I decided; what better way to make him pay than a little ruined orgasm! I could tell by his behavior that ALL he was interested in was cumming. He was worried about HIS pleasure… not mine! That just didn’t suit me. I decided he would GET his precious orgasm – but I never said I would let it feel good! 😉

Soon enough, he had pushed me backward into my bedroom, his hands tearing at my clothes with urgency. I let him think he was getting exactly what he wanted – for now. I’d have the last laugh. He got me undressed and sat me down on the end of the bed, pushing me backward until i was completely flat on my back, pussy scooted right up to the edge. Admittedly, I love the way he eats my pussy – so fucking eager; moaning and panting as he devours it, sucking down all my juices.

I let him tongue fuck me; corkscrewing his tongue deeper and deeper into my juicy little cunt. He stopped just long enough to moan out the words that my pussy tasted so much better than his wife’s; then plunged his tongue back in again, over and over like a mini-cock. Before I knew it, I was cumming ALL over it, and I could feel his mouth rhythmically sucking at my pussy now… swallowing all my cum.

He stood up and looked down at me, smiling and wiping my mouth. Then he grasped his cock in one hand, moving to the bed, all ready to fuck. I closed my legs and smiled up at him, a devilish twinkle in my eye. The realization dawned on him that he wasn’t going to get to put his cock inside me today. He sighed as I opened the drawer to my bedside table and I got out the handcuffs and my lube. I shook the 4 sets of cuffs playfully as I got up, motioning for him to take my place on the bed.

Soon I had both arms and legs bound to the bed posts, and he was completely helpless. I worked at his cock; edging, teasing, jerking slow, then fast. Whispering about my superiority to his sexually lazy wife as I worked him up, then backed him off. After about 30 minutes, he was pleading to cum, and saying he needed to get back to work. I laughed softly, but made no move to let him go OR make him cum. He still had NO idea that I was going to give him a ruined orgasm. He had already asked multiple times if I was going to let him cum. I told him yes, of course!

After another 15 minutes or so, I told him that he was finally going to get to cum. He was going to get release, at last! Relief from my sensual cock torture! His hips picked up speed and he was fucking into my hand, working towards blowing that heavy load weighing down his balls. He closed his eyes… his cock tensed in my hand. JUST as that first squirt of hot creamy goodness was about to shoot out? My hand clamped down HARD. His eyes flew open, and the look on his face was priceless!

Call me and I’ll cock tease you until your balls are blue and give YOU a ruined orgasm too!


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Forced Bi Fun With My Bestie’s Husband — June 17, 2016

Forced Bi Fun With My Bestie’s Husband


I admit it – I love snooping through other people’s things.
You often find the most INTERESTING things! And what I found on my bestie’s husband’s computer the other day helped me engineer a little forced bi fun with him!

I picked up their youngest from school and took her to the dentist because neither of them could get away from work to take her. When we finished, I took her home, and of course she went straight to her room with her phone and shut the door; leaving me to wander the house aimlessly until either my bestie or her hubby could get home. I know it’s not nice to snoop – but what was I supposed to do to pass the time? 🙂

I sneaked into their bedroom, and the first thing I saw was hubby’s laptop on the bed. I smiled and hopped onto the bed, stretching out and opening the lid to the laptop. Damn. Password protected. I thought for a moment, then smiled, and typed his pet name for ME into the password box. YES! Accepted! What can I say – the man is obsessed with his wife’s best friend!

I went right for his internet history, so I could see what sort of naughty sites he’d been visiting. All porn sites of course. I guess he’s not worried about deleting his history since he has a password. His wife would be SO pissed if she saw all this porn, porn, porn! Damn. He’s obsessed with a little more than ME! I think he definitely suffers from sexual addiction! I randomly started clicking links so that I could watch some of the videos he’d been watching. (Ammo for later conversations!) It was mostly what I expected. Impregnation. Homewrecking. Throat fucking. All the things he loves about ME! I clicked on a link containing the word “bisexual”, thinking he was watching girl on girl porn. I froze when the action started on the screen; it was a bisexual video alright! It was a FORCED BI video! Oh my god! There’s a cute-looking little twink down on his knees with a big fat DICK in his mouth!

Now don’t get me wrong. I know he likes anal action. I’ve pegged him more times now than I can even remember! But… cock sucking? Not just bi action, but forced bi action? Immediately the wheels started spinning in my head. I was positively dizzy with excitement! Like I said. You often find the most interesting things when you are a dirty little snooping slut! I quickly closed the browser and shut the lid on his laptop – just in time to hear him coming in the door! I could tell he wanted me to hang around for a while until my bestie got home (so he could shove me in a dark closet or bathroom and grope me until she walked through the door.) but I said my goodbyes, all smiles, and bounced out the door. I popped my head back in and asked him if there was any way he would be able to help me fix a broken window latch at my house the next day. He smiled, thinking it was an excuse to get him there (he’s right about that much at least!) and said of course he could help me.

I went home and hatched a brilliant forced bi suprise plan. I made a few phone calls, and finally found a fuck buddy of mine that has a HUGE cock, and was available for some fun the next afternoon! I texted the bestie’s hubby that morning, asking what time he would be over to help me. After our “date” was set, I called my fuck buddy Joe and asked if he was ready for some forced bi fun! He laughed (we’ve played this game a time or 20 before!) and said of course! He was already in the car on his way to my house.


I go put on a hot little black lace nightie and matching panties; and of course my thigh highs, garter belt, and high heels! I am so wicked! I just wanted to answer the door in something sexy so that when he found out what he was REALLY in for? It would be even more of a shock! Joe finally arrived, just minutes before the bestie’s hubby pulled into the drive! I sent him to the bedroom and told him to get naked, and ran to answer the door. I threw it open and a huge smile spread across his cheating face, already assured of the pussy he was going to be getting during our afternoon delight. I smiled back at him, giggling a little, and let him wrap his arms around me as the door shut behind us. His hands were everywhere at once and I laughed a little, stepping back and breaking his hold on me. I told him I had a very sexy surprise for him in the bedroom, waiting. He took me by the hand and practically dragged me down the hall. He threw the bedroom door open wide, probably expecting to find candles or rose petals. Instead? He found Joe, already stretched out in the middle of my bed; buck ass naked, his big fat 9 inch cock in his hand. His hand continued to work on his cock as he casually looked up at us and said hi.

The look on Ryan’s (that’s my bestie’s cheating husband’s name) face was priceless! He looked confused, terrified, and possibly a little turned on at the site of that fat cock getting stroked and teased? I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist, whispering into his ear that I found his dirty little stash of forced bi porn, and now we were going to play out his fantasy!

Did he play along with my surprise forced bi fun? Stay tuned for Part 2, cumming soon! Or even better, call me up, and I’ll give you all the dirty details of what happened! I will say this much – he was VERY late getting home! And he was definitely walking a little more slowly! 😉

on the boat in lingerie

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An Accidental Gang Bang at the Furniture Store — June 10, 2016

An Accidental Gang Bang at the Furniture Store


I ran lots of errands yesterday.

I went to the store, dropped off a payment for my car insurance, looked for a new couch, and had a hot gang bang with some random guys!

Yep. Looks like I can’t even go furniture shopping without causing a sexual uprising! I was out running around with my friend Dan. We stopped into the local furniture store so I could price a new couch. My old couch is all worn out. Probably all the hardcore poundings I’ve taken on it; not to mention all the rolling and bouncing around while I fuck myself and talk to YOU!

We wandered in and went our separate ways. Immediately, a very hot, very young sales guy starts to follow me around, asking what I’m looking for. I explained that I needed a couch. A very STURDY one. One that could hold up to lots of “physical activity” and wear and tear. His face flushed a little as he looked me up and down. I smiled deviously and further went on to explain that I’m a phone sex operator; my couch needs to stand up to a lot of me rolling around with my toys and fucking myself while I do phone sex calls, in addition to all the gang bang action that goes on at my place. (I love making guys squirm with this information. It’s so much fun to watch their reaction!) He said he was sure we could find something that would stand up to my sexual wear and tear. He said there was one couch in particular that he thought would bear up well. However, it was in the warehouse, at the back of the store.

I smiled, and told him to lead the way – knowing all the while that he was going to attempt to help me test out the merchandise before I bought it! I played along, and followed him in the back to look at the couch. He said he was pretty sure this couch would work nicely for me – but perhaps we should test it out? I smiled and put my hand on his chest, shoving him backward onto it, then pounced on top of him, giggling. We were in the middle of making out hot and heavy when I heard someone come in the warehouse door. My new friend was far too excited to hear anything but the sound of his own heavy breathing in his ears. I looked up and saw Dan, and a very surprised-looking salesman! Dan wasn’t surprised at all – he knows how much I love random sex encounters with strangers. The salesman who brought him back here looking for me was hard as fucking trigonometry , watching my new friend’s hands feverishly roam all over my body. Dan smiled and shoved him towards the couch when I caught his eye and winked at him. He knew we were about to have a gang bang right here in the furniture store warehouse! Dan shoved the other salesman onto the couch next to me, and I promptly grabbed both salesman’s cocks and pulled them free from their pants. I started slowly working those hard cocks on each side of me as Dan dropped to his knees in front of me and spread my legs wide, knowing I didn’t happen to wear any panties when we went out today. Soon his tongue was working its way deep into my dripping wet pussy. I could feel the cocks in my hands getting harder as they watched and listened.

I’ll stop there with the details for now, and just say:
It was a beautiful day for a hot gang bang – and I got my new couch at half price!

CALL ME. And we’ll continue the story!
There were WAY more than just 3 cocks involved by the time I got finished working my slutty magic inside that store!

Your Slut for Random Stranger Gang Bang Fun,


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Prostate Stimulation – A Lesson for Mr. Vanilla — June 2, 2016

Prostate Stimulation – A Lesson for Mr. Vanilla


Stan was SO repressed it was ridiculous.
He thought ANYTHING that had to do with putting something in his own asshole was “gay”. That always made me laugh. There’s no other GUY there. How is fucking your OWN ass gay? Anyway, I digress. I decided that it was time to turn on my persuasive charm and talk him into a little prostate stimulation experimentation!

He protested. A LOT. I teased him for being so prudish for someone so young. I taunted him and called him a chicken. I explained for the 53rd time that getting yourself off is not “gay” no matter what you play with while you do it. Finally, suspecting that his repression was SO strong because he was really secretly curious about putting something in his ass? I ordered him a top of the line prostate stimulator and had it sent to his house.

For days I was positively gleeful about my secret purchase. I couldn’t wait for Stan’s reaction when his unexpected package arrived in it’s non-descript brown packaging. It took 3 days to get there. For those 3 days I hammered Stan incessantly with information about prostate stimulation. It even has health benefits that have nothing to do with sexual enjoyment! He wasn’t trying to hear it. He steadfastly maintained that he would never. EVER. Stick anything in his ass, because he is not “gay”.

His refusal lasted until about the time that package arrived at his house. We were texting at the time, and he mentioned he just had to sign for a package. I laughed and told him to be careful, it might be a bomb or something! 😉 He was quiet for at least the next 20 minutes. Then I got a 1 sentence text: “Did YOU do this?” I squealed delightedly and hopped up and down, knowing that he didn’t spend the 20 minutes he was quiet just sitting there. He opened it. He looked at it. He’s curious about it. Yay! I know once I piqued his interest, he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it.

I texted him a quick “yes”, and told him that the next phone sex call he would have with me would be while trying out some prostate stimulation. He’s quite addicted to cumming with me, so I knew he wouldn’t be able to tell me no. Besides, he didn’t REALLY want to say no anyway! He had done research all week about how prostate stimulation intensifies your orgasm. I pointed out that I even bought him one that came with a little sample tube of Anal Eaze. That did it. He agreed to try it!

We got on the phone together. I listened patiently while he read each and every instruction that it came with, and finally ran out of excuses to stall. Time to nut up or shut up, Stan!  He decided to be on his back, and I squelched the impulse to scream, “Oh, so you want to get fucked missionary like a GIRL huh? That’s GAY! and instead encouraged him to slather his new toy in lube. And slowly inch it into his eagerly waiting asshole. I smiled to myself, because he had to stifle a few gasps and moans just from having it inside of him.

Did Stan fall in LOVE with prostate stimulation after his first orgasm with his new toy? HELL YES he did, thanks to me! Now he loves me even more than he did before.

Does the idea of prostate stimulation make your cock jump? Are you ready to let me help you pop that anal cherry? If so, call me up and I’ll guide you through it! Or anything else you’d like to try!

Your orgasm SEXpert,


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Rough Sex in a Snowstorm: It Got DIRTY! — May 27, 2016

Rough Sex in a Snowstorm: It Got DIRTY!

the following blog was originally published on the Kinky Kingdom Blog.

Rough sex is awesome.

Rough sex is wild and spontaneous.
Rough sex is intense.
Rough sex is even better with a stranger!

I had some of THE most intense, satisfying rough sex I’ve ever had a couple of weeks ago, in the midst of a huge snow storm!

My car slid into a ditch while I was out trying to get supplies before it got too bad to get home. Car after car went by without even slowing down. I tried calling everyone I knew, but either their cell phone signal was down because of the storm, or they couldn’t get out themselves to come and get me. I was just about to give up, load my arms with bags of groceries, and start walking, when a big black truck pulled up beside me. A deep voice rumbled out of it, asking if I needed help getting out o the ditch. I tried to look up and see the person I was talking to, but it was snowing way too hard.

The kind stranger pulled his truck in front of my car and grabbed the tow line connected to the winch of the back of his truck. He easily pulled me out of the ditch and motioned for me to get in my car. Once I was back inside, heat on, warming up, he came up to my window and I got my first peak of this curious stranger, willing to stop and help a damsel in snowy distress. WOW! His eyes were beautiful! That was the first thing I noticed about him. He was tall, muscular, with dark hair and blue eyes. Just the way I love them! He stuck his head into my car to catch a break from all the snow pouring down on him. He smiled, said hi, and introduced himself as “Tim”. Tim was worried I would slide into another ditch on the way home, or even into someone else. He offered to follow me home in his huge truck, in case I needed a little more saving on the way.

I agreed. I was grateful for the help, and wanted to offer some niceness in return. A cup of hot chocolate maybe? Or perhaps, some intense-style country boy rough sex! You know I can’t help it guys. Not even a little. 🙂 Hot sex is never too far from the forefront of my brain! Especially when I get lucky enough to snag a hottie like this one!

He followed me home, and soon we were standing in the foyer of my house, dripping wet, throwing snow everywhere. He apologized, and I just laughed, helping myself out of my coat, and then him in turn. I took the wet coats and hung them on the fireplace mantle, then lined up our boots on the hearth, so they would get nice and warm and dry before he left again. However, if I had my way about it, that would be the next MORNING! I offered him some hot chocolate to warm him up. He politely declined, but he did so while looking my sexy body up and down. Not in the mood to be coy, I asked him if he would prefer some HOT rough sex to warm him up before he went back out into the cold.

I didn’t have to ask THAT question twice – no polite “no thank you” on that one! Before I was entirely finished with the sentence, he had already crossed the living room floor in 3 long strides and had me in his arms. Holding me tight; almost crushing me. I felt myself being pushed backwards until my back crashed into the hard, smooth wall. His hands seemed to be everywhere at once. Touching me; feeling me; exploring me. I felt my favorite pair of sexy panties being ripped off and tossed to the floor! I ran my hands lightly over his shoulders and arms; so tight, and tone, and muscular! He pulled back long enough to tug up my t-shirt and rip open my front hook bra. Moaning, he took my hands and pinned them over my head, against the wall. Then I felt his hard body pressing tightly against mine again, making my nipples stand out and dig into his chest.

He forced his mouth down onto mine with almost brutal force, tongue invading my mouth, hungrily tasting and teasing my tongue. I could hear my own moans now. I get so fucking excited during rough sex! I wanted my hands all over him, but he kept my wrists pinned to the wall, easily held in one of his large, strong hands. His other hand was tugging at the button on his jeans. If he would just let me help him! I struggled against his grip on my wrists, which served to turn BOTH of us on even more. I finally freed one wrist from his grasp, and before he could capture it again, my hand was inside his pants; pulling that hard cock out of his boxers and helping him get his pants down. I yanked at the top of his flannel shirt, anxious to do some ripping of my own. The buttons popped off and flew through the air, hitting the hardwood floors and rolling away.

I whispered hotly in his ear that I wanted him to fuck me. Not only that, but I wanted him to fuck me hard, and fuck me dirty. I wanted that thick, perfect cock buried in my tight little pussy. Right. Now. He didn’t stop, or even hesitate. There were no question about significant others, or protection. Just one hard shove and he was deep inside me, grinding into me; shoving me harder and harder into the wall behind me.

How dirty did our rough sex get?

Call me and I’ll give you every little
dark and dirty detail!

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CEI – Making My Bestie’s Hubby Eat His Own Cum — May 19, 2016

CEI – Making My Bestie’s Hubby Eat His Own Cum

I’m always looking for ways to torment my best friend’s cheating husband. What can I say? It makes my pussy wet.Tease and denial was fun for a while, but last time I saw him, I decided to have a little cei fun with him!

I still hold a grudge against him for ruining my impregnation fantasy by getting HER pregnant first! Sure, I fuck him from time to time now. But I control EVERY encounter. If he gets to fuck me; how he gets to fuck me; and whether or not he gets to cum. He stopped by my house unexpectedly the other day, hoping for a quick fuck on his lunch break. I laughed quietly to myself because by now he KNOWS better. He knows I’m not going to let him fuck me, cum, and then go. Not without having MY fun too! He can’t make me cum in 5 minutes with HIS cock, and he knows it. So! Basically, he was asking me to take one for the team.

FUCK that!

I traced the outline of his rock hard cock through his pants and let out a quiet little giggle. His face fell when I told him that I wouldn’t fuck him. He had the hopeful look of an excited puppy dog when I told him that I would, however, let him put his cock in my mouth, and even CUM inside it. But, I told him, of course there is a catch. I laughed again as he muttered that if something seemed too good to be true with me, it probably was. I patted his head and almost felt sorry for him. He was right. These days, there was always a catch.

By this time, my hand was inside his pants, wrapped around his achingly hard cock. I asked him if he knew what the initials cei stood for. He gave me a blank look and I almost changed my mind about letting him cum in my mouth. I hate that blank, bovine stare he sometimes gives me when he doesn’t comprehend what I’m talking about! In my irritation, I snapped out the words more sharply than I had intended. “CUM. EATING. INSTRUCTION.” I hissed at him. His look of blankness turned into a look of growing horror. He finally was able to stammer out “You want me… to eat my OWN cum?”

I laughed softly as I jerked his cock harder inside his pants and boxers, and told him that was the ONLY way he was getting to cum for me right then. He had to snowball his own cum back and forth with me after I let him shoot it in my mouth. He looked as if he’d been slapped – and my pussy pulsed with juicy delight. I closed my eyes and savored his intense discomfort at the thought.

I don’t want to spoil the end of the story for you, but let me just say this: that little bitch ate every drop of his cum for me!

And so will you, if you call me for cei!


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My Cuckold Bitch Finally Gets to FUCK his Mistress! — May 15, 2016

My Cuckold Bitch Finally Gets to FUCK his Mistress!

I have a cuckold named Jack.

Poor Jack has been BEGGING to fuck me for years now. I play with him, I cuckold him, I control his cock, and I tease him. Sometimes I even jerk his little cock until it cums. But he NEVER gets to fuck me! Frankly, my pussy deserves much better than what Jack has to offer! He’s meak, his dick is tiny, and he belongs in panties even more than I do! When he asks to fuck me I just laugh. Or, sometimes he gets his cock slapped because I get sick of listening to his extended whining session. “Pleeeeeeeeeease, Mistress? PLEASE?? I’ve been such a good boy, I do everything you ask – why won’t you let me fuck you?”

Last night after work, I finally came up with a wicked solution to giving my cuckie slut his way! I called him into the living room, made him kneel at my feet, and petted him while we talked. I asked how he would like to finally get what he’s been asking for. He was immediately at attention; if he had a tail, it would have been wagging furiously! “Really Mistress? Really? You’re going to let me fuck you? I thought you said you would NEVER let me fuck you? Are you sure? This isn’t a trick? You’re going to let me fuck you, Mistress?” I said yes, and at first, I was afraid by the look on his face that he had spontaneously busted a nut in his pants instead! I explained to him that Mistress’s pretty little pussy was EXTREMELY horny and needed to be satisfied.

I further informed him that if he wanted to fuck my perfect pussy, he needed to follow my instructions EXACTLY and not ask questions. He eagerly agreed, and I told him to go to my room, undress, and then come back – bringing my strap on cock and harness with him. He looked at me questioningly, as if to say, “But I thought I was fucking you tonight, not the other way around!” I snapped curtly at him to be a GOOD little cuckold bitch, and do as he was told. He almost sprinted off to the bedroom and within 2 minutes he was back, totally naked, with my strap on in his hand.

I was almost in hysterics inside my head – this little bitch actually thinks he’s going to get THAT cock inside of MY pussy! He really believes he gets to find out what it feels like to sink his baby dick into me and cum inside me! I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when he figured out what I have planned! I walked over to him, patted his head, and told him he was a very good boy. He was almost drooling with excitement. He really does remind me of an eager little puppy dog! I took my strap on and harness out of his hand. The look on his face when I began strapping it onto HIM was priceless!

“M-m-m-Mistress? What are you doing?”
I laughed gleefully as I tightened the harness in place and surveyed my work. It was even better than I imagined! That strap on harness fit perfectly snug over his tiny little real dick. I giggled and looked up at his face. He was starting to get it. His face fell a little. “Awww, don’t be sad my little cuckold! I said you were going to get to fuck me tonight – I didn’t say YOU were going to get to enjoy it! My pussy needs satisfying. You don’t think your little itty bitty cock would do that job do you? You’re going to fuck me until I’m satisfied. And then if you’re VERY lucky… I might let you stroke your own dick and cum afterwards!”

Poor Jack.
To his credit, he fucked me hard all night long with that strap on cock! Meanwhile, all he got was a chafed dick out of the bargain! Do you think I let poor Jack jerk off and shoot his little dribble of cum? Maybe I did. Then again? Maybe I didn’t. Call me and I’ll tell you Jack’s jerk off fate. Or better yet, we can create our own little fantasy and play it out together!


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IMPREGNATION – I Let a Stranger Fill Me With His Cum! — May 7, 2016

IMPREGNATION – I Let a Stranger Fill Me With His Cum!

My impregnation fetish is out completely out of control.

Last night I let a stranger bust a huge load inside my pussy! My impregnation fantasy involving my best friend’s cheating husband did NOT work out according to plan. First, he knocked her up before he got me pregnant. And now? He is apparently suffering from low sperm count, because he just can’t seem to put his baby inside me! No matter how hard he deep dicks me; no matter how many times he floods my pussy with his seed – it’s just not working.

I’m tired of waiting. It would have been an awesome dirty secret to thrill over every day if HE had been my baby’s Daddy. Every time his wife cooed at my baby and talked about how pretty he/she was, she would be talking about her husband’s child. Such a slutty thrill! But, it doesn’t look as if it’s meant to be. I have fuck buddies that would probably LOVE to knock me up. But I can’t really say I return the feeling. Hey – they were chosen as fuck buddies due to the fact that I would never want to actually have binding ties with any of them. 😉

So! I decided to go out last night and find myself a hot, random fuck to be my baby Daddy! I dressed to kill and went out to a local club. I went alone, sitting at the bar all by my lonesome. SO many guys stopped to talk. But none of them were right – until finally, an interestingly HOT guy came along! He introduced himself, then sat down on the stool next to me, asking how it happened that such a beautiful woman was out by herself on a Saturday night. The line was a bit over-used, but I smiled and quietly told him that I had a blind date, and he never showed up. He immediately got that “I’m gonna get lucky tonight!” look on his face. Normally that would have annoyed me, but; I DID go to an awful lot of trouble to concoct a story to MAKE him feel that way. And besides – he was 100% correct. He WAS gonna get lucky tonight! He just didn’t realize it was so that my longing for impregnation could be filled.

We spent an hour or so making small talk. Drinking more than a couple of drinks. I smiled as I watched him waste his money on shots of liquor for me. I drank them, but all that plying wasn’t really necessary. HE was the one being taken advantage of and used for his sperm; he just didn’t know it. Finally, when he thought I was tipsy enough, he asked if I’d like to go home with him. I told him that I’d LOVE to FUCK him. But I didn’t go back to stranger’s houses. If he was willing to rent a hotel room across the street, I would fuck his brains out for the rest of the night, and be gone when he woke up in the morning. He smiled, grabbed my hand, and led me out of the bar. The hotel was so close we didn’t even have to get in his car. We just walked across the street and checked in.

We hurried upstairs, and there was no romantic pretense necessary. We were both down for a no-nonsense non-romantic fuck. Him because he was a dog, ruled by his cock. Me, because I wanted him to breed me! I dropped straight to my knees, looking up at him as I unbuckled his belt. He was so eager to shove that dick in my warm, wet mouth that he was helping me – jerking down his zipper, tearing off his boxers; exposing that thick hard cock and those swollen balls; engorged with thick, sticky cum just for me! I used my expert oral skills to push him to a desperate place. He wanted to fuck me SO bad – the lust was stamped all over his face. Gooooood. That means when I tell him I’m allergic to condoms, he won’t be able to say no to fucking me without one. And when he starts to pull out before he cums? I’ll wrap my legs around him, hold on tight, and milk that cum into my hot little pussy with everything I’ve got! Whispering; encouraging him the whole time to just flood me with his cum. It’s safe… I promise!

I got that hot random stranger’s cum pumped deep inside my womb last night. I’m a bad little impregnation slut because…

I don’t even remember his fucking name.

CALL ME if flooding my fertile pussy with your seed makes your cock ache for me!

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Impregnation Whore Jenna
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Submission: Every Part of Me Belongs to Him — April 29, 2016

Submission: Every Part of Me Belongs to Him


I am owned. My heart. My mind. My body. And, especially my orgasm. I am NEVER allowed to release without his permission. It is only permitted WHEN he desires it, HOW he desires it, and as many TIMES as he desires it. My submission is his.

Last night found me nude – wrists bound together with rope, then hoisted above my head and held there by the large industrial hook in the ceiling; ankle cuffs applied so that my legs were restrained as well as my wrists; spreader bar holding them apart so that my Owner has full access to all my most intimate parts – all of which, of course, belong to Him. We hadn’t even started yet, and already I could feel the tension of the position working on my muscles. Pulling. Straining. Making my entire body ache to change position. But I was held firmly in place, with nearly no slack in my bindings.

He had bound his eager submissive and then left her here.
Tense. Expectant. Waiting, for an undetermined amount of time. Until HE was ready to begin. Here I stood, beginning to struggle a bit against my taut bindings when I heard him enter the room behind me. He laughed softly as he came to stand just behind me – strong hands running lightly over my tight, shaking muscles. He wrapped his muscular arms around my midsection, and applied gentle pressure, pulling me downward. The tension in my arms turned to pain and a low, audible groan escaped my lips. I felt his warm, hungry lips brush the back of my neck in approval. Next, I felt his big hand cup my chin from behind, pulling my head back and forcing my eyes up. I felt his stare pull me in and hold me there for what seemed like hours as he paused; considering what he wanted to do with HIS possession.


I greedily stared up at him, knowing he would not allow direct eye contact for very long, eyes gazing up into his adoringly. His indulgence of me brings such acute feelings of intensity that at times, it is overwhelming – like now. As I felt the blindfold slip over my eyes, I put my entire being – mind, heart, body, and soul – into his trusted hands. My submission belongs to Him.

I could hear him moving in front of me, and the next thing I felt were his thick, strong fingers, roughly stroking up and down my already-wet slit, then pushing inside – not painfully, but aggressively, as if he could no longer hold back the urge to touch; caress; penetrate the pussy that belongs to HIM. I bucked against my restraints, and I could almost picture him smiling as he watched my body writhe, his fingers working in and out of that wet cunt in a steady, controlled rhythm. I unconsciously began to whimper, and immediately felt a strong hand pressing down against my mouth. This meant it was far too early in our game for such vocal expression of pleasure. I clamped my mouth together and bit down on my lower lip. As my teeth dug into the flesh of my lip more firmly, I heard another pleased chuckle. I tried to push my legs together and stop his rhythmic stimulation, just for a moment, as it was becoming hard to be quiet as he wished for me to be – but there was no give at all. My pussy was spread wide open, defenseless against his aggressive teasing, touching, and exploration of my tender insides.

My arms ached from the strain of struggling against my ropes, but this was quickly forgotten as I felt the familiar round head of my wand press against my wetness. My mouth opened in a startled gasp as he turned it on, full power, holding it firmly against my pussy as my hips bucked involuntarily. There was no being quiet, then. Moan after moan issued from my mouth as he relentlessly increased the pressure, pulling my pussy lips open and angling the wand so that my clit was being directly stimulated. I screamed out involuntarily then, shaking all over, pleas to be allowed to come falling from my lips. Begging; pleading to cum, as I knew I could not hold back for much longer, and at the same time, knowing that I MUST NOT release without his permission.

Suddenly, I felt the pressure released, and his fingers were sliding inside the pussy that he owns once again. Thrusting them inside, working me to the edge of cumming – then sliding them out again, just as it becomes too much to bear. We continued on this way for what seemed like an eternity, alternating his fingers with the wand. Teasing, edging; bringing me to the brink of orgasm again and again, only to stop seconds before I went over the edge. I squirmed, I begged, I pleaded; but it was all in vain. There was no response, no laugh, no reprimand. Simply the continued caressing of my body as he teased and toyed my dripping pussy over. And over. And OVER again.

I was so desperate! SO stimulated; pussy SO swollen. I was nearly in tears, rambling, out of my mind with the feelings that giving my submission to him always bring out in me. I felt a strong hand slide up my chest, strong fingers wrapping themselves around my throat, applying light pressure. As his fingers tightened, pressure increasing, the aggressiveness with which he used the wand increased as well. It was pressed SO tightly against my pussy that it was stretching my lips wide. I felt his hand move over those swollen lips, pulling them together around the head of the wand and holding them there – grinding it in circles, directly into my open pussy and against my sensitive, overstimulated clit. His hand tightened even further around my throat, and I could feel his hot breath as he pressed his mouth against my ear and whispered one word: NOW.

My body immediately shuddered, orgasm ripping through my body at his command, juices squirting and pouring out over the wand. Once my body became still, the wand was turned off, his hand gentle as he continued to slide his fingers up and down those now-sensitive pussy lips, almost as if soothing them. Suddenly, I felt a cold liquid against them and jumped in his hand.. I could feel his fingers spreading, coating my soft pussy with lube before pushing their way inside of me again. Finger fucking me more forcefully this time, my tortured muscles beginning to protest as they tightened and struggled again. Again, warm breath next to my ear, with only 2 words uttered: ALL NIGHT.

My head began thrashing from side to side, and the only word I could utter, again and again – “Please!.. Please!”
Even I was unsure as to whether I was begging for him to stop? Or to continue. In my heart I knew it did not matter. He would not stop playing with his belonging until HE was satisfied. My submission is his. It was a long, exhausting, and extremely satisfying night for both Dom and submissive – the kind that binds His submissive’s heart and soul even more firmly to Him.

He is my sun.
He is my moon.
He is… my world.

Intensely excited? Curious? CALL ME to hear more.


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Pegging – Be My Strap On Bitch! — April 20, 2016

Pegging – Be My Strap On Bitch!

I love pegging. I can’t write enough about how much fucking FUN it is to bend a hot guy over and strap on fuck his tight little ass! SO much fun in fact, that I’ve already done it this afternoon, with a red hot jock-type fuck buddy! A little afternoon delight if you will. 🙂

Patrick is a dream to look at. No one would EVER suspect he was into pegging! He is super tall, very muscular still. He was QB1 when were in high school. Unlike most high school athletes, he has kept working out over the past few years, and, I must give him credit, he’s a smokin’ hot 20-something! ALL my friends are jealous when my big, strong, muscular fuck buddy takes me out on a date. They have NO idea that instead of him bending ME over in the backseat? I will be the one driving HIM home!

I always make him put on a show of undressing for me. Erotic dancing is the price he has to pay if he wants to be fucked with MY big fat strap on dick! It used to embarrass him. Now he’s so eager for that cock to slide between those tight little buns that he has zero modesty! He pops the buttons on his shirt, swaying to whatever music I have put on to entertain myself. Slowwwwwly revealing that spectacular chest and stomach; each individual muscle perfectly defined. I’m not a huge fan of big and burly, but I do love the way his abs are so perfect that it looks like he’s had that six pack painted on! He runs his hands all over his chest and stomach, then dips his hand down to gently rub over that hard bulge in his pants – another perfect muscle lies just beneath! I like it when he comes to ME so that I can undo his belt, pop his button, slide down that zipped, and rid him of them. He is a commando type of guy, so as soon as he starts to slide those jeans off, his hard cock springs into view! He has THE most spectacular dick! He definitely puts the notion to rest that only guys that wear panties and like Small Penis Humiliation want to be fucked in the ass. (Don’t get me wrong my little panty boys and humiliation junkies – I still love YOU, too!)

Being the dirty little cock tease I am, I love to tease and torment and edge his hard cock for a while; make him BEG to have that tight little hole penetrated with my strap on! It’s so much FUN to make him yell out in his loudest voice “I’m Jenna’s little anal whore and I need some anal pegging! I can’t get enough of her big fat cock in my ass!” before I finally let him have it. (Yeah, a little sadistic, but I have to get my giggles in somewhere, right?) He’s so eager by the time I’m ready to give him that ass fucking he’s so desperate for that he can barely wait for me to get the lube! Sometimes I just shove that strappy in his mouth and make him lube it up with his spit before I shove it all the way in up to the hilt! That’s right – he’s a big boy, he can take it! I deep-dick that delicious little man pussy until cum just bursts from his hard cock without warning.


Today I prolonged pegging his ass for over an hour! After all, he cums while MY dick is inside him – I have to get mine FIRST! That long, talented tongue is SO eager when he shoves it inside my pussy. He knows the harder he works for me, the harder he’s going to get pounded! I came all over his face not once; not twice; but FOUR times today before I finally fucked him! I’ll give him credit; the boy has stamina. At least in that department. He can’t manage to hold his own orgasm off for too long once I’ve shoved that strap on deep into him and started the much-anticipated pegging!

How long can YOU hold out? Call me up, and we’ll have some pegging phone sex and find out! I’ll tease you; torment you; edge you; then FUCK YOUR ASS. We both know that made your cock jump in your pants, wherever you happen to be right now. What are you waiting for? My strap on is at the ready, and so is my desire to fuck you!


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Girlfriend Experience Phone Sex With Jenna — April 10, 2016

Girlfriend Experience Phone Sex With Jenna

Yes, I’m a slutty little cock tease who loves getting REALLY dirty.

But I do have a sweet side, which comes out when we have girlfriend experience phone sex. Soft, sensual, and loving. Like this…

I love it when he pulls my soft body firmly against him. His hands are gentle, but I know that just from the look he’s giving me, in the same breath he wants to rip that delicate white lacy material aside and bury his face between those full, ripe breasts and just – breathe me in.

I love even more that he is able to control his urge; fighting it, even while his muscles tense and his cock begins to swell and grow. The softer and sweeter I am to my strong, sexy man, the more excited he becomes. And when I take that thick, hard cock lovingly into my hands? He can feel how much I desire to please him. My only thoughts are of making sure he is more than just merely satisfied by his pretty girlfriend.

He knows I will ALWAYS take care of him.

I brush my soft, moist lips against his – my kittenish pink lip gloss leaving it’s marks. His tongue takes in the sweet taste of strawberry as he pushes it deeper inside my mouth; searching. Aching for that charge of electricity that happens when the tips of our tongues find each other and touch for the first time. My fingers wrap more tightly around that wonderfully hard rod; I hear a soft sigh, and feel gentle fingers run lovingly through my wild and unbound hair. His grip tightens when he feels my thumb teasing gently back and forth against the sensitive ridge of his cock head. And my pussy is fucking soaked from knowing that my man wants me SO bad. NEEDS me. Can barely control himself any longer.

That’s exactly what I want – for him to lose control. Lose himself completely, in his sweet, loving, sexy cum slut who wants nothing more than to milk EVERY last drop of his cum into her warm, waiting mouth – or perhaps her sweet, fertile little womb.

My man ALWAYS gets what he wants.

…. Does that make you wish YOU were my boyfriend, too? I have lots of boyfriends, sweetheart, and I take such good and loving care of each and EVERY one of them! I’m the dirty phone sex angel with the heart of gold, and a voice that drips like sweet honey as I whisper tenderly into your ear and tell you how much I love you.

After you get a taste of my sweet girlfriend experience phone sex, you’ll try really hard to remember exactly what it was that made your day shitty before you called me.

…. you won’t be able to.


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Delayed Gratification – A Taste of My Own Teasing! — February 28, 2016

Delayed Gratification – A Taste of My Own Teasing!

My Dom gave me a taste of my own medicine last night.

We all know that I’m a fan of delayed gratification – at least, when I’m the one in charge of delaying the gratification of someone else! What can I say, I’m a natural born cock tease! But last night? It was MY turn. When he entered the play room, I was on my knees by the door, as I have been trained; hands in my lap, head bowed. Patiently waiting to find out what he had in store for me.

He walked in and though I love the figure he cuts upon his entrance, so tall, graceful, and strong – I was a good girl, keeping my eyes fixed on the floor per his command. I could hear him rustling around behind me, and I knew he was getting out restraints. What type, and for what purpose, I had no clue. But I was positive he had something specific on his mind, as we never enter the playroom without a purpose. I had no idea that he was about to teach me a lesson in delayed gratification!

He ordered my hands behind my back, and immediately I felt my wrists being cinched tightly together with a zip tie. He pulled me up by it, my arms straining painfully. I’m a fairly well-trained little submissive, so I didn’t cry out loud. A small whimper formed inside my closed lips, but that was all. I felt myself being pulled backward. I stumbled, but his big, strong hands caught me, righted me; then jerked me backwards again. I was falling. At least it felt like I was falling. But he was in complete control of my body, as usual. I was planted roughly on my knees and bent over my special bench, custom made to just the right height for spanking my juicy round ass.

Want more of my delayed gratification?
Get the rest of the story on the Kinky Kingdom Blog and then CALL ME! 


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Accidental Phone Sex with My Barely Legal God Son — February 16, 2016

Accidental Phone Sex with My Barely Legal God Son

A horny teenage boy’s barely legal cock will go to ANY length to obtain the object of it’s desire. I got 100% proof positive of that this weekend!

My god son just turned 18 a few days ago. I have to admit, if even just to you guys (because you know I’m an insatiable slut who can’t help looking!) that he’s turned into quite the hottie over the past year or so. He used to be this scrawny little guy hanging on his mom’s arm all the time, whining about this, that, or the other. These days, he towers over both his mother AND myself, and his voice is too deep to emit anything that could be called a whine. Blonde hair, icy blue eyes, and I couldn’t help but notice the way his body has filled out. He’s still lean, but muscular. On a few occasions I have imagined what his cock must be like now. Of course I know all about his DAD’s cock, since he is my best friend’s husband whom I fuck on a regular basis. (BAD little homewrecker!) I’ll bet he is packing a big one, just like his dad!

Of course I would never make a move to find out, despite the fact that since he was 13 years old he’s been begging me to fuck him! He’s certainly HORNY like his father – just a now barely legal version. I don’t see him as much as I used to, so it’s been fairly easy to resist. Probably a good thing, now that he is of legal age. As convincing as he is, I might accidentally forget myself and let him slide that big fat barely legal cock into his god mother’s dripping wet pussy!

Click the link to read more about my naughty phone sex adventure with my sexy god son!
Accidental Phone Sex with My Barely Legal God Son

then call me! You can be my naughty barely legal god son and I’ll milk that cum right out of you!


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Valentine’s Day Specials – BE MINE! — February 13, 2016

Valentine’s Day Specials – BE MINE!

Not that you aren’t mine already… 🙂
But Valentine’s Day is here, and as always, I will be here ALL WEEKEND to turn your SUCK-tastic day into a Fan-FUCKING-tastic one! Free minutes, extra pictures, discounted picture sets, free and discounted videos… I’m going all out for you! No candy or flowers necessary. I just want your COCK for Valentine’s Day!

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ALL VIDS – only $20

Don’t wait! Specials are only good until Sun – Valentine’s Day @ midnight EST! Promo code for these specials is “VdayWP2016”

Can’t play on V-day because you have to take the wife or GF out for expensive dinner? That’s ok! You have 1 month from date of purchase to use both paid and free minutes! Just call me up and give your promo code, which special you’d like, and billing info, and we’ll get you hooked up! All free pics, extra pic sets will be sent at time of purchase! If you get a free vid or purchase one, you will get a link for instant access! Vids can be downloaded to your pc as well!

CUM take advantage of me – I like it! 😉

Jenna v day Kingdom

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I Love Being Your Masturbation Material – Jerk That Cock for Me! — February 5, 2016

I Love Being Your Masturbation Material – Jerk That Cock for Me!

Nothing makes me wetter than knowing you’re over there beating that hard cock and getting off to me! Last night, I got pics of one of my studs jerking off ON me! 😛 I love it when YOU send ME pictures too! Before? During? After? I even love watching you on cam! I got 2 awesome pics from my guy Anthony, a before and after! Showing me his hot masturbation material for the night – me!

Forwarning, Anthony LOVES my old blonde pics… some of you have never seen me as a blonde! So be prepared! hahah. He was jerking his cock to them last night when we talked! Here’s his before shot…

anthony hard cock pic before cumming

I LOVE IT! Not only does he have a nice cock, but it’s aimed right at my tight lil pussy, like it’s about to slide inside me! Anthony should be a photographer, I sometimes think! 😛 But as much as I love looking at his hard cock about to plunge into me and pound me senseless, I also love seeing myself drenched in his cum!

Anthony cum on Jenna pic

Look at ALL that cum splattered ALL over my pussy! I think my mission to be Anthony’s masturbation material while out of town and away from his wife was a success – don’t you?

I’d be more than happy to be YOUR masturbation material as well! I sent 5-6 pics with EVERY call, so you’ll have plenty to jerk that cock off to while I whisper VERY dirty somethings into your ear!

Although, I MIGHT suggest that you print me out before you cum on me… rather than shooting your load directly on your display, like Anthony! He just got soooooooo excited he couldn’t help himself! I love pushing you to that point where you don’t give a FUCK about anything anymore… all you can think about is cumming… with ME!

Call me now and get the best phone sex of your life –
Your masturbation muse is waiting!


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Cock Tease Jenna – I Will Make You BEG! — January 26, 2016

Cock Tease Jenna – I Will Make You BEG!

I love being a dirty little cock tease.

The bratty side of me loves to see you squirm; hear you moan; beg; plead for that release you so desperately need. Of course it’s MY fault that you need it. I edge your hard cock SO many times before I give you permission to cum! Such sensual agony! Delicious torture. Mmmmm. My pussy is getting wetter just thinking about it!

When we have a cock tease session on the phone, I like watching you on cam. Not only does it turn me on to watch you tease that sensitive cock and swollen, aching balls; but it also ensures that you follow my guided masturbation instructions to the letter. 🙂  You can squirm. You can protest. But you can’t stop jerking that cock when I tell you to and HOW I tell you to without me catching you.

THAT is where I like to hold you. On the edge of being unable to stop yourself from cumming. I don’t give you permission to stop stroking that throbbing cock, but there’s a catch – you don’t get permission to cum either. The more you thrash and moan and struggle to hold back that huge cum load, the more sweet, creamy juices you force out of my eager pussy! I shove 2 fingers deep inside and fuck myself while I watch you struggle; my moans and description of what I’m doing to myself making it even HARDER not to cum without permission. If you would let me, I’d hold you right there – All. Night. Long!

Don’t worry, baby – I’d let you cum… eventually!

If you want to find out for yourself EXACTLY how far I will take your torment, all you have to do is call me. I’ll gladly take control of your cock. During our time together, it belongs to ME anyway! As well as the cream that you are SO eager to pump out on my command!

I’m ready – are you?

Your Cock Tease Extraordinaire,


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Cock Control: A Note To Rachel From Me — January 21, 2016

Cock Control: A Note To Rachel From Me

Cock control.

We all know how much I love to control that hard cock! Especially when it’s HOT married cock! I have a certain married caller who got REALLY horny at the thought of me writing a letter to his wife, detailing for her all our fun adventures together. I decided I would write his wife, Rachel, a sweet little note and send it to him. He fucking LOVED it! I thought I would post it on the blog so that ALL the married men that get hard at the thought of their infidelity being thrown in the face of their useless wives could have a read!

Dear Rachel,

Hi there!

You don’t know me, but my name is Jenna. Who I am is VERY important, because I am the owner of your husband’s cock! That’s right! I own that cock – NOT you! I’m a professional phone sex operator, and an expert in the area of cock control. Your husband’s cock has been mine for some time now. Didn’t you ever wonder why he stopped trying to teach YOU how to satisfy him?

Now, before you start to cry, let me just explain to you EXACTLY what a dirty bastard your husband is; after all, that’s the entire point of this note! A note, by the way, that was HIS idea! He’s SUCH a fucking pervert that he actually wanted me to write to you and tell you what a failure of a husband and hardcore cheater he is… and what a failure YOU are at giving him satisfaction! In fact, THIS is what the thought of cheating on you with ME did to his cock!

cock pic

OMG! 🙂


If my dirty, humiliating, homewrecking phone slut note to Rachel about her husband’s cock control turns you on, click the link to read the rest, and then call me!

Your SEXpert in the Art of Cock Control,

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Pegging: Ryan’s First Strap On Fuck — January 6, 2016

Pegging: Ryan’s First Strap On Fuck


When my ex boyfriend Ryan met me, he had no clue that I was moonlighting at a fetish club as a Domme. That whole part of my life was kept away from my personal life for a very long time. One night after having successfully polished off our second bottle of wine together, he brought up a little ‘fantasy’ he’d always had and was dying to try. Ryan was always afraid of what other people would think of him and I knew he had plenty of kinky skeletons in his closet; so when he finally spilled his guts to me about his fantasy of getting fucked up the ass by a strap on, he mistook my silence for horror, when I was actually in utter delight that he needed some pegging!

He got up and drunkenly stumbled, trying to leave my place, extremely upset and feeling rejected. I called after him, “Ryan where are you going?” He yelled out, “I’m fucking leaving! I’m not a freak JenJen! I thought I could tell you this shit without being judged!” I told him to calm the fuck down – I wasn’t judging, I reassured him that I was just taking it in! From there I told him all about my moonlighting and how much I just loved pegging! Ryan wasn’t hurt about my second job; instead he was thrilled to be with someone who was flying her own freak flag! It wasn’t long until the training began, even back then I had tons of sex toys and butt plugs laying about for this reason. I started him off for his first time pegging on the smallest one and for the next few weeks we prepped his ass for what was to come.

Are you a man slut that loves pegging? If so you should definitely click the link to the Kinky Kingdom Blog and read the rest of the story! Then CALL ME. I have a strap on, and I KNOW how to use it! 😉



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Stranger Sex at the Masquerade Ball — January 3, 2016

Stranger Sex at the Masquerade Ball

“Stranger sex is some of the BEST sex you can have.

It’s even more exciting and taboo when both of you are wearing masks! MAYBE it’s a stranger you’re fucking; or maybe it’s your best friend! Your boss’s husband? Neighbor’s son or daughter? You’ll never know for sure, and that’s what makes it so tantalizing!”


I love this tale of stranger sex a lot – because it happens to be a true life experience! Sure, some of my stories are fiction, but MOST are based on things that happen to me during the course of daily life with a dirty, cock-teasing phone sex whore!

I went to a fancy masquerade ball this past Halloween. Click on the link below to get the full story of my random stranger sex adventures! I had SO much fun. It was an experience unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before – and that’s saying something! 😉


Once that cock is nice and hard? Call me. Tell me your deepest, darkest, dirtiest sexual fantasy; then let’s make it cum true together!


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Naughty School Girl Fun With Jenna! — December 27, 2015

Naughty School Girl Fun With Jenna!

When I was a teen I was a wild child. I know! Me, how surprising right? Well at 15 I got sent to Catholic high school for being a naughty school girl! My parents were concerned how boy crazy I was and I was getting in trouble. Boys and their naughty parts were all new to me back then. I wanted to do and try everything I could with my budding awakening body! Well, nothing frosts the cake of a tight, willing, little teen body better than a Catholic school girl uniform. I loved the outfit and the attention it drew, not just from boys but from MEN.

My dad’s best friend Jim was the first adult man I became aware of noticing it. He lived right down the street, with his wife and kids. He was at our house in the afternoons, after work, and on weekends. I would come bounding home after school and he would just stare at my full breasts bouncing under my blouse. If I bent over he would stop whatever he was doing and gawk. I really liked making him flustered and would find any reason I could to innocently give him an eyeful of cleavage or upper thigh. It was like our little unspoken game.

Want to hear more of my naughty school girl cock-teasing adventures with Jim? Click the link and get the rest of the story on The Kinky Kingdom Blog! Then call me. I can ALWAYS use another older, married neighbor man to tease and fuck!



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Your Dirty Homewrecker is at it Again! — December 20, 2015

Your Dirty Homewrecker is at it Again!

We ALL know by now that I’m a dirty, dirty homewrecker.

I love married men! I keep several on hand at any given time to play with. What can I say, they make excellent toys! They are SO fucking eager, because they aren’t getting what they lust for at home anymore! There’s nothing sexy about “not tonight, I have a headache” or “don’t touch me!” Ah, but when ladies begin to ignore their man, that’s when I move in for the kill! They are SO starved for something new and exciting that the poor things have ZERO chance of resisting!

I had an AWESOME experience with once such married fuck toy of mine last weekend. Quite often, his wife goes out of town to visit her family. During these trips, I go to his house and spend the weekend, making sure that I fuck him everywhere in the house possible, especially their bed! I love the thought that after I leave, she comes home and sleeps on the sheets that have our cum mixed together on them! I LOVE making him use HER pillow to prop my ass up in the air before he spreads my legs and drives that married cock deep into my pussy! How many nights has she gone to sleep with her face buried in the pillow that’s been covered in my slutty homewrecker juices?

… I’m SO bad! I just can’t help myself. Being a homewrecker is just in my blood! I wanna be the dirty little slut that steals your cock away from HER. And uses up every last drop of cum in your balls so when you go home? There’s nothing left!

Read more about my compulsion to be a homewrecker on the Kinky Kingdom Blog!

Your dirty homewrecker is at it again! 

Have a read, then sneak downstairs with the phone and your credit card… call me up, and I’ll get your cock off with her right upstairs! You might have to cover your mouth to keep from screaming my name! 😉


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Christmas Specials from Santa’s Dirty ‘lil HO HO HO! — December 15, 2015

Christmas Specials from Santa’s Dirty ‘lil HO HO HO!


You’d better watch out! You’d better jerk twice!
Gonna get off to the HO who’s both naughty AND nice!
Jenna Love is CUMMING to town!

fetish phone sex candy cane spank

She knows that you’re not sleeping – she knows
that you’re awake. She KNOWS that cock is hard
as FUCK so let’s get off for goodness sake!!


 That’s right boys! It’s that time again!
What time, you ask? 

of course!

I’ve been watching ALL of you. And each and every one of you has been VERY NAUGHTY this year – but in very NICE ways! I’m not sure what SANTA will have to say about that, but personally, I think you deserve some very special presents!



* All specials are good until the STROKE of midnight on Sun Dec 27th, and you have 1 month from purchase date to use all minutes*

Special #1:
Buy a 15 min call and get 5 min FREE and 6 FREE pics!
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Special #2:
Buy 25 min of call time and get 10 min FREE and 10 FREE pics! (can be divided any way you want as long as each call meets the 10 min minimum)

Special #3:
Buy 45 min of call time and get 15 min FREE and 15 FREE pics!

Special #4:
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Buy 100 min of call time, get 30 min FREE, 10 FREE pics, and a FREE full length video! (with this special, you get TWO months to use all paid call time – video link and pics will be sent to your email address upon purchase)

What are you waiting for? No time like the “present”! 😉  Call, email, or IM me and let me know which special you want, and I’ll hook us up! (You MUST verify the last 4 of your CC and your zip code if you email, otherwise I cannot bill you for the special!)


xoxo from your Favorite ‘lil Phone HO HO HO!


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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and please, above all, BE SAFE!

Snowballing: Tom’s First Taste of Cum — December 13, 2015

Snowballing: Tom’s First Taste of Cum


“I want to taste my cum”…
Tom confessed to me yesterday morning soon after I awoke.

He and Lynne had gotten into a fight and Tom had ended up at my place in need of comfort and a warm bed to sleep in. Lynne was my friend and in the past I had hooked up with her and Tom, so we’d received permission from her to fuck whenever we wanted; and from time to time after an intense night of partying we end up fucking and I usually sleep at their place. So here I was stretched out in bed, my hair a mess and barely awake enough just yet, and he was spilling his guts to me. I smiled sleepily, and my thoughts turned immediately to snowballing.

Read my latest Kinky Kingdom blog post to learn more about how I turned Tom into a cum eating addict! First snowballing, then who knows what! His girlfriend Lynne loves BBC, so I see some creampies in Tom’s future! I’ll make sure she knows who to thank!

Snowballing: Tom’s First Taste of Cum


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Her Cheating Husband Fucked ME on Her Birthday! — December 3, 2015

Her Cheating Husband Fucked ME on Her Birthday!

My bestie’s dirty, horny, sexy cheating husband gave ME the ultimate present on HER birthday. He fucked ME hard all night long instead of her! A dirty little homewrecking slut’s wet dream, fulfilled! You know that I’m forever holding against him the fact that he got HER knocked up before me. I so use that ammunition to my advantage, every chance I get! It gets me lots of things I want. Things like THIS.

want more? Of COURSE you do! Click the link to my Kinky Kingdom blog entry and read on to find out what a dirty little homewrecker I am, and how much I LOVE corrupting married men – especially my best friend’s cheating husband!


dirty little secret homewrecker ad

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Giving You MORE Reasons to Be Thankful This Year! — November 25, 2015

Giving You MORE Reasons to Be Thankful This Year!

Hey there fellas…

blue cami

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?
Are you ready for some SUPER Special Thanksgiving Specials?


this coming Friday, your wives and girlfriends will be out spending all your hard-earned money on Christmas shopping – you should get some bargains to take advantage of too! (Personally, I think I’m a MUCH better deal, but that’s just MY humble opinion!)

Check out the specials, then call me, email me, or IM me to let me know which one you want! No worries if you can’t play this weekend – or even the coming week! All call time is good for 1 month from date of purchase.


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Specials are good through next Friday 12/4/15


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Jenna thanksgiving collage