What can I say? I’m a dirty little homewrecker!

I just can’t help myself! I see that wedding ring on your finger, and my pussy IMMEDIATELY starts to drip! As soon as I know you’re taken? I want to steal you away! Just like I have stolen my best friend’s husband! She has NO idea that we’ve been fucking, and that her bad bad hubby has even offered to divorce her just so we can be together!
He doesn’t know me very well. 
If he leaves her and becomes mine – where’s the challenge in that? I enjoy my homewrecking activities! Making you break those vows! Making you cheat. Making you LOVE IT. Making you admit that your cock feels better inside my pussy than your wife’s.
He’s my toy. Nothing more. 
Even well-behaved toys deserve a little lavish attention once in a while! So this little homewrecker recently gave her best friend’s cheating dog hubby the ultimate girlfriend experience! I wrote an entry on the Kinky Kingdom Blog about it! Read on if you want to know how I keep on making him cum back for more – whether he wants to or not!
Give it a read, then call me if you want the same treatment! 😉
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