Sometimes? Small Penis Humiliation isn’t planned; it just HAPPENS!

I guess I have been lucky about cocks in recent years. I had forgotten there were little dicks out there looking for pussies to crawl in to. I was young and inexperienced the last time a had a small cock in me. Now that my pussy has tasted a few, I have refined my tastes and know what I like – to be FILLED. Last night I had a very different reaction from my playmate’s boner.  The last time I fucked a mini schlong it did nothing for me but now I have discovered that little dicks make me giggle!

A friend of mine wanted me to meet a hot new sales clerk where she works. He was SO fine! And I was SO excited to be going out with him once I met him! You know me – it was no time at all before we were making out, and then I discovered … he had a teeny weenie! Let the Small Penis Humiliation begin!

You can read all about it on The Kinky Kingdom Blog! Just click the link and read away!


If that baby dick is hard after you finish reading? Then some Small Penis Humiliation is in order for YOU! All you have to do to get it, is call me. 🙂


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