When I was a teen I was a wild child. I know! Me, how surprising right? Well at 15 I got sent to Catholic high school for being a naughty school girl! My parents were concerned how boy crazy I was and I was getting in trouble. Boys and their naughty parts were all new to me back then. I wanted to do and try everything I could with my budding awakening body! Well, nothing frosts the cake of a tight, willing, little teen body better than a Catholic school girl uniform. I loved the outfit and the attention it drew, not just from boys but from MEN.

My dad’s best friend Jim was the first adult man I became aware of noticing it. He lived right down the street, with his wife and kids. He was at our house in the afternoons, after work, and on weekends. I would come bounding home after school and he would just stare at my full breasts bouncing under my blouse. If I bent over he would stop whatever he was doing and gawk. I really liked making him flustered and would find any reason I could to innocently give him an eyeful of cleavage or upper thigh. It was like our little unspoken game.

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