My Dom gave me a taste of my own medicine last night.

We all know that I’m a fan of delayed gratification – at least, when I’m the one in charge of delaying the gratification of someone else! What can I say, I’m a natural born cock tease! But last night? It was MY turn. When he entered the play room, I was on my knees by the door, as I have been trained; hands in my lap, head bowed. Patiently waiting to find out what he had in store for me.

He walked in and though I love the figure he cuts upon his entrance, so tall, graceful, and strong – I was a good girl, keeping my eyes fixed on the floor per his command. I could hear him rustling around behind me, and I knew he was getting out restraints. What type, and for what purpose, I had no clue. But I was positive he had something specific on his mind, as we never enter the playroom without a purpose. I had no idea that he was about to teach me a lesson in delayed gratification!

He ordered my hands behind my back, and immediately I felt my wrists being cinched tightly together with a zip tie. He pulled me up by it, my arms straining painfully. I’m a fairly well-trained little submissive, so I didn’t cry out loud. A small whimper formed inside my closed lips, but that was all. I felt myself being pulled backward. I stumbled, but his big, strong hands caught me, righted me; then jerked me backwards again. I was falling. At least it felt like I was falling. But he was in complete control of my body, as usual. I was planted roughly on my knees and bent over my special bench, custom made to just the right height for spanking my juicy round ass.

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